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Content: articles from periodicals and books in full-text published by Springer Verlag and Kluwer Academic Publishers.
Database is available from the year 2010 to all institutions of higher education and scientific institutions in Poland on the basis of the decision to finance the national academic license by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

National license provides access to:
- circa 1960 current periodicals,
- circa 390 archive periodicals with all volumes available on server (for circa 1290 periodicals deep archive from first volume are available).

National license provides also access to book series’ archives:
- 17 book series are available from first volume up to the year 2008, and 9 book series with archives for years 1997-2008,
- collection of 16.700 English e-books published in years 2004, 2005 and 2009-2011.

Collections are available simultaneously as:
- database - on SpringerLink server
- database in Yadda system in ICM, that will eventually replace ScienceServer system.

As part of the Springer’s national academic license additional program is available, that allows polish authors for free publishing of the Open Access articles in Springer Open Choice hybrid periodicals.

Thematic scope: engineering sciences, economics, business, chemistry, physics, biology and ecology, mathematics and computer science, statistics, law and medicine.

Chronological range: license allows to make archives (with unlimited access) to all purchased collections (periodicals, series and books) for all Polish institutions of higher education.

Access to database is possible from every workstation in UWr network as well as via proxy server.