Elektronische Zeitschriften

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One of the largest freely available database of electronic journals. It provides access to over 100.000 periodicals from all fields of knowledge, including over 22.000 exclusively online journals. Over 65.000 periodicals are available in the Internet in full-text.

Database contains information about scientific electronic journals that provide full-text of min. 50% of the articles. It does not contain information about periodicals providing only tables of contents and abstracts. The purpose of the database is to provide a quick and organized access to the largest possible number of scientific periodicals, free and licensed, from all fields of knowledge. In the central database residing in Regensburg are not stored electronic periodicals, but only bibliographic data and information about access to them from their respective webpages.

Indices: words from the title, keywords in the title, publisher, subject headings and ISSN. Searching can be limited to only free available periodicals or to licensed titles.

Access: without limitations in Internet.