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Content: periodicals and books in full-text, that are published by Emerald.

Database consists of:
- archives of periodicals and book series from first volumes to the latest, book reviews from the world's best business and management magazines, collection of case studies.

Indices: journal or book title, article title, author, keyword, ISSN.
Thematic scope: quality, human resources, logistics, performance, information, knowledge management
Useful information:
- Emerald for Authors - online presentations for authors, practical tips and advices on how to write and publish,
- Emerald for Librarians - articles regarding marketing in libraries, training materials and aids,
- Emerald for Engineers - selected articles regarding electrical engineering, electronics, mechanics and other,
- Emerald Research Zone - advices for researchers on finding partners and funding for researches, a conference center with information on key management conferences around the world,
- Emerald Learning Zone - advices for working in a group, research methods, and fragments of textbooks,
- Emerald Teaching Zone - materials for e-learning that support distance learning, a collection of over 1,000 case studies, interviews and book reviews.

Database can by searched by:
- quick search
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- browsed

Access to database is possible from every workstation in UoW network as well as via proxy server.