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Content: provides access to electronic versions of books (1779 electronic editions), published by the leading Polish scientific publishers, including: PWN and WNT.
Users can individually purchase access to the database with option for printing for limited time: day, week, month or semester.
To use the service one must create one-time personal myIbuk account, that will allow user to use advanced features for working with text. After the account is created, user is always recognized by the system and can use these resources and functionality, that have authorized access to. Help for proper conduct of the registration process is available (two short films) on the lower left corner of the page https://libra.ibuk.pl/

Very important! - first one need to register (with e-mail address and password) on the web page:
Recommended browsers to use ibuk.pl resources: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
Running the program requires the use of Javascript and Cookies.
Thematic scope: social sciences, political science, chemistry and biology, law, economics, selected titles from Arts and Humanities.

Access to database is possible from every workstation in UoW network as well as via proxy server.