Maps Department - Items chosen for sponsored conservation

Factice atlas with Guillaume Delisle’s collection of maps engraved in years 1700 – 1724.
[call number: 32 IV B]

Atlas contains 12 maps on fabric sheet (manually colored) of measurement 38 x 52 cm. Quires sawed on six twined tires. Hard parchment binding.

Item in bad condition – dirty and damaged. Cards weaken and with tears, folded, wanes especially in bottom edge part. In tenth map – cut out rabbet. Rabbets of other maps – strained. Parchment binding severely damaged. Parchment dirty, dry, deformed, with many wanes. Wanes on cardboard corners.

Cost of conservation: 686 h x 100,-/h = 68.600,- PLN
Cost of materials, performing fdk, odk: 1.965,- PLN

Overall cost of conservation: 70.565,- PLN.

Maior Atlas scholasticus ex trigints sex ... mappis Homannianis ... compositus ... 1752 exhibitus ... (Norimbergae 1784 [1788]).
[call number: 34 IV B]

Atlas consists of one table and 36 manually colored maps printed on fabric sheet of measurement 34 x 51 cm. Block sawed on 4 twined tires. Soft leather binding with blind embosses.

Item dirty and damaged. Cards and corners dirty, weaken, folded. In bottom part of whole block – coloration from flooded. Sawing loosen due to broken tires and threads. Original leather binding - grain hackneyed, dry, dirty with wanes and folds in corners. Leather damaged in upper part of spine.

Cost of conservation: 306 h x 100,-/h = 30.600,- PLN
Cost of materials, performing fdk, odk: 885,- PLN

Overall cost of conservation: 31.485,- PLN.