Manuscripts Department - Items chosen for sponsored conservation

Manuscript from 1800
[call number: Akc.1949/737]

Codex consists of 33 paper cards of measurement 21 x 33 cm sawed with linen threads as single quire. Total destruction of paper binding.

Item in very bad condition: dirty, with mould incursion, mushroom coloration, rotten. Cards pleated and folded, with many wanes. Last pages sticked with soft binding – burn marks. Remains of sawing with linen thread.

Cost of conservation: 168 h x 100,-/h = 16.800,- PLN
Cost of materials, performing fdk, odk and fascicule: 540,- PLN

Overall cost of conservation: 17.340,- PLN.

Latin manuscript Missale from 15/16th century
[call number: I Q 188]

Codex consists of 351 handwritten cards on fabric sheet and 8 parchment cards. Block measurement: 15 x 21 cm. Quires sawed on two double and two single twined tires. Hard binding, boards cover with dark calfskin with blind embosses.

Block in bad condition. Dirty and damaged, with traces of insects, colorations and tears on spine and edges. Traces of past conservation. Serious problem with ink corrosion. Sawing loosen, spine without headbands. On boards – paper endpapers. Original binding in good condition. Grain dirty, tears on mirror and edges, cracks in spine part. Visible traces of ferrules and buckles.

Cost of conservation: 514 h x 100,-/h = 51.400,- PLN
Cost of materials, performing fdk, odk and fascicule: 1.405,- PLN

Overall cost of conservation: 52.805,- PLN.

Latin manuscript from 14/15th century from J.G.Milicha collection from Görlitz
[call number: Mil. II 29]

Codex consists of 313 cards on fabric sheet and 2 parchment cards. Block measurement: 21 x 31 cm. Sawed on four double and two single tires. Binding - beech boards cover with light pigskin with blind embosses.

Block in good condition, cards dirty only on edges, no wanes. Half of first paper page – dirty with colorations, wane and tear in central part of lower margin. Parchment cards dirty. Front inner endpaper – colorations, damaged, with traces of buttons, vanishing handwritten text. Back endpaper – in good condition, only rust coloration from buttons. Binding heavily damaged. Front board with many traces of wood eaters, broken in half. Grain dirty, hackneyed and dry. Traces of buttons, prevailed clasp cotter-pins. Back board – leather hackneyed, with tears, mechanical damages, partial button (left bottom corner) and prevailed button in right bottom corner. Prevailed remains of straps and clout from clasps. Top left corner of board – broken. Spine in good condition, dirty and dry, with small tears.

Cost of conservation: 350 h x 100,-/h = 35.000,- PLN
Cost of materials, performing fdk, odk and fascicule: 995,- PLN

Overall cost of conservation: 35.995,- PLN.

Manuscript from 1741 in German by Johann David Raschke "Predigt zur Huldiggsfeier" from former Wroclaw City Library
[call number: R 691]

Codex consists of 16 cards on fabric sheet of measurement 29 x 45 cm sawed on four parchment strips. Half-leather binding – crimson leather combined with red paper veneer.

Item very damaged, dirty, with traces of flooding. Cards loosen – deformed, folded, with tears and wanes in text part. Traces of gilding cards edges. Ink corrosion, especially on last pages. Endpapers from colorful machine’s paper. Front one - two pages dirty, folded, handwritten annotation on inner side in top left corner. Back one – prevailed one card on inner side of cover – dirty and folded. Binding very dirty. Front cover detached from block, paper veneer hackneyed, with wanes, colorations caused by flooded. Leather dry, dirty, wanes on corners. Back cover – wane in paper veneer (left bottom corner), leather horn missing.

Cost of conservation: 210 h x 100,-/h = 21.000,- PLN
Cost of materials, performing fdk, odk: 645,- PLN

Overall cost of conservation: 21.645,- PLN.