Music Collection Department - Items chosen for sponsored conservation

Liturgical manuscript from turn of 14th and 15th centuries, originating from Piast’s collection from Brzeg: Antiphonarium bregense
[call number: 51319 Muz.]

Codex consists of 199 handwritten, parchment cards with decorated initials, of measurement: 33 x 50 cm. Quires cut. Block sawed on two single and six double leather tires. Original binding – beech boards cover with light pigskin with blind embosses. On spine - label.

Item damaged and deformed. First and last pages lost, cards from block also missing. Parchment cards very dirty, folded, with numerous squeezed corners, tears and traces of rodents. Traces of previous conservation. In back part of block – 1 card cut out (separated) and 8 severely deformed. Sowing loosen in middle and back part of block. On front board prevailed paper endpaper (traces of flooded, ex-libris), to back one attached parchment card with music notation (wane in lower part).

Binding damaged mainly in upper part of spine. Sawing weaken on single upper tire. Wanes in board’s corners. Missing straps and clasps. Prevailed two partial fragments of corner ferrules on back board. Traces of insects on front facing. Leather dirty, severely hackneyed, dry, partially folded.

Cost of conservation: 1.350 h x 100,-/h = 135.000,- PLN
Cost of materials, performing fdk, odk and box: 3.975,- PLN

Overall cost of conservation: 138.975,- PLN.

Silesian print in Polish from first half of 19th century: Śpiewnik powszedni z dowodzącemi składami czyli Melodie i cancyonał zawierając w sobie pieśni [...] ułożony przez E.F.W. Muthwilla (Glogowek 1847)
[call number: 9156 II N – 9157 II N]

Item of format 20 x 26 cm, consisting of 149 pages of text printed on paper from 19th century supplemented with 48 pages of handwritten sacred songs. Sawed on three twined tires. Hard half-linen binding with prevailed label on front cover.

Item dirty. Cards folded in corner areas, tears on spine. Edges severely weakened. Sawing loosen due to breaking of linen threads. Binding dirty. Paper veneer severely hackneyed. Cardboard in front cover folded. Linen on spine and in corners tear and ripped.

Cost of conservation: 120 h x 50,-/h = 6.000,- PLN
Cost of materials, performing fdk, odk and fascicule: 240,- PLN

Overall cost of conservation: 6.240,- PLN.