Music Collection Department - Collections

Size of collections

music scores together: ca. 42.000 vol., including:
:: printed music scores from 19th-20th century: ca. 30.000 vol.
:: old printed music scores from 16th-18th century: ca. 4.500 vol.
:: handwritten music scores from 16th-20th century: 4.000 units.;

books (specialist collection from history and theory of music): ca. 18.000 vol.;

music periodicals: ca. 400 titles.

Department’s collections are systematically replenished with modern publications.


Information about music items is provided via catalogs: electronic, traditional (both available locally in the Department as well as in digitized form) and printed ones.

Searching and ordering music items should be first done in the electronic catalog. If searched item is not present there - one should search for it in digitized catalogs.


:: electronic catalog of Wroclaw University Library
In WUL's electronic catalog, as part of the special collections, music items were separated into individual sub-collection that allows for searching for music items that were electronically cataloged and are stored both in the Music Collection Department as well as in the UoW's Department of Musicology.
When searching for music items in the electronic catalog by the call number, letter N must be put before the number.
Books and periodicals on music topics are electronically cataloged from 1995.
Titles published before beginnings of the electronic cataloging should be searched in digitized catalogs.

:: RISM - International catalog of music manuscripts
Descriptions of all music manuscripts from the WUL's Music Collection Department can be found by searching by siglum PL WRu.
Music manuscripts are cataloged electronically since 1997. Up to present time (status at the 31.12.2016) were created 10.193 records of music scores from over 2000 manuscripts.


:: alphabetical catalog of new printed music scores*
Catalog contains information about printed music scores published in years 1801 - 2009. For complete information about library’s collections we advise to combine searching in digitized catalog with electronic one.
Cards in catalog are sorted by Latin alphabet without diacritic symbols, other alphabets (e.g. Cyclic) are transliterated.
In order to make easier the search process by means of digitized card catalogs the information tabs separating the most prominent composers as well as various forms of their music are used.
In the catalog an alphabetical sorting mixed with subject one have been used. This means that the cards have been sorted by the names of the composers whose works are sorted first by the collected editions, musical forms (e.g. concert, opera, songs), uniform titles of works and form of musical notation (e.g. score, voices, piano transcriptions etc.). User can first find the opera as a whole, then its overture and then the individual parts of the opera in alphabetical order. The same principle has been applied to the sorting of works with accordance to their form, so scores and voices will precede piano transcriptions or other arrangements.
Uniform title of the composer's works are grouped by the first edition of the same score in different languages in alphabetical order, so there is need to search entire tab when looking for particular item.

:: subject catalog of new printed music scores*

Subject catalog contains information about printed music scores published in years 1801 - 2009. From 2010 scores are cataloged only in electronic version and their descriptions are present in the WUL’s electronic catalog (OPAC). Because of that, for complete information about library’s collections we advise to combine searching in digitized catalog with electronic one.

The basic subject sorting of the catalog allows to search the collection according to the divisions on forms and genres. By using the special application user can order a selected items.

Currently new version of the catalog is under development, that will allow to navigate easier through resources.

Digitized catalogs of general collections
Also contain information about books and periodicals from specialized collection of Music Collection Department that were published in the years 1801-1994.

:: Alphabetical catalog

:: Periodical catalog

III. TRADITIONAL CATALOGS (available locally)

:: alphabetical catalog of new printed music scores*

:: subject catalog of new printed music scores*

:: alphabetical catalog of books*

:: subject catalog of books*

:: alphabetical catalog of music manuscripts*

:: subject catalog of music manuscripts*

:: alphabetical catalog of music old prints

:: alphabetical catalog of former City Library's music manuscripts

:: alphabetical catalog of former City Library's music scores

:: alphabetical catalog of Polish music periodicals*

:: alphabetical catalog of microfilms

Attention: catalogs marked with * are continued in the electronic form.


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