Special Collections’ Conservation Workshop - Range of preformed activities

WUL’s special collections, due to their harsh past, bear traces of many damages, that cannot be, for many reasons, repaired in short time. This situation forced SCCW’s team to evaluate conservation activities schedule, that will allow optimal protection of collections. About priority, character and extension of conservation works, decide following factors: value of item, its availability, exposition, including into collections new purchases and high level of damaged suffered by object.

value of item securing of codices stored in safes and marked as rare
availability conservation of originals intensively circulated
exposition securing of object that has contact with persons from beyond WUL [travels of item]
securing of object due to its structural weakening [exposition of object in open position, long and intensive illumination, to high temperature, low humidity], conservation of object for esthetic purposes
purchases securing codices included into collections
high level of damages conservation of objects that storage is difficult duo to their bad condition

This developed schedule is basis for more specific conservation activities regarding securing of both individual items and whole collections.

Examples of preformed conservation works