Systematic catalog

General information

Content of Systematic catalog

Systematic catalog provides information about Library’s materials published since 1801 till 1996 that there are in storages, reading rooms and all departments of Library, without Silesian-Lusatian Collection, that has its own systematic catalog.

Systematic catalog should be used when materials on given topic and not exact publications are searched.

Attention: Since 1997 no new cards are included into Catalog, because, due to computerization of Library, methods for subject cataloging were changed - in electronic catalog for description of content of library documents no subject classification is used but only subject headings.
Also, restricted collections are no longer cataloged with subject classification.


In systematic catalog, bibliographical descriptions are sorted in accordance to classification scheme in multilevel arrangement of basis divisions and sub-divisions of second, third and further levels, that are based on logic order of ranges - from most wide to more narrow.

Within larger divisions (both first and further levels) are used common divisions that concentrate specific types of publications accordingly to their content or publishing form (e.g. encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, souvenir books).

In Wroclaw University Library its own classification is used that is based on original scheme of “Przewodnik Bibliograficzny” - Polish national bibliography of books.

Systematic catalog consists of 28 main divisions, beginning with general division that covers universal publications.

Scheme of basic divisions

(0) General (General encyclopedias, information publication, daily newspapers)
(1) Sociology
(2) Economy and social issues
(3) Law
(4) History, Ethnography
(5) Arts
(6) Music, Theater, Movies
(7) Literature
(8) Literature texts
(9) Linguistics
(10) Bibliological knowledge
(11) Pedagogic, Education
(12) Science and High schools
(13) Religion knowledge
(14) Philosophy, Psychology
(15) Marxism-Leninism
(16) Mathematical-biological sciences
(17) Mathematic
(18) Physic
(19) Astronomy
(20) Chemistry
(21) Environmental science
(22) Biological sciences
(23) Agriculture, Forestry, Veterinary
(24) Med sciences
(25) Physical education, Sports, Games
(26) Military
(27) Technical sciences

The whole of systematic scheme can be viewed at library desk in Electronic catalog room.

Classification symbol

Classification symbol consists of numbers, general divisions are singled out with circle brackets, and hierarchy of sub-divisions is marked with periods.

Classification symbols are written on signs of catalog boxes and on leading cards within them. They are placed on bottom side of catalog cards.

Classification symbols can also be seen on cards within alphabetical catalogs. That allows particular publication to be connected with proper division in systematic catalog and in the same way to widen search by other materials from the same field of interest.

Subject index

Search in systematic catalog should be started from subject index that sort alphabetically all detailed issues included in the catalog. Classification symbols which are written on cards within index direct to proper points of catalog.
In case of any problems with usage of systematic catalog written you can always ask for help librarian.