Access from outside the UoW computer network

Terms and conditions concerning the access to licensed electronic information resources from the outside of the UoW’s computer network.

§ 1

Only the authorized users i.e. employees and students of postgraduate studies at University of Wrocław as well as students of University of Wrocław with proven disabilities have right to access to licensed electronic resources of Wroclaw University Library.

§ 2

Authorization takes place after acceptance of Terms and conditions of access to licensed electronic information resources from the outside of the UoW computer network.

§ 3

Every user receives unique login and password for access to resources. This data should not be passed to the third parties.

§ 4

When using electronic resources, it is allowed to:

1. Search and view electronic resources.

2. Use single copies of articles on electronic carrier paper or for didactical and/or research purpose.

3. Creating individual collections of electronic documents needed for ones researches, including printing and saving on electronic carrier (such collections could only be created for time of conducting didactical and scientific researches).

4. Including parts or whole of texts to ones own publication on conditions of license.

§ 5

It is prohibited:

1. Creating local archives basing on available electronic resources (printing or saving whole volumes on electronic carriers: hard drive, pendrive, disc, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM).

2. Deleting or modifying information about copyrights, as well as authors or other designations of property displayed on products or screen.

3. Selling, re-selling, lending or passing information in any form to unauthorized persons (exception from this rule is scientific exchange between researches, if it is not systematic cooperation).

4. Using of licensed sources by users for commercial activities.

§ 6

All information regarding this service could be obtained directly in Scientific Information Department of Wroclaw University Library, Fryderyka Joliot-Curie 12 St., Informatory (first floor), phone: +48 71 375 75 98 or e-mail: .

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