Subject portals - Archeology

Egyptology service contains information about archeology of ancient Egypt, among them links to many web pages related to this topic as well as search browser for internet resource about Egypt.

Virtual library of ancient Middle East texts. Provides materials on history of Middle East: source materials, monographs, periodicals, particular articles.

Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe
ARGE database contains references to internet sources related to archeology in Europe. Searches could be conducted by topic, country or period of time.

Worldly archeological virtual library. Links to internet sources related to archeology from all over the world. Possible language selection.

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Obligatory archeological web page. Contains, inter alia, Catalog of Institute Library available online.

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences. Cracow Branch
Web page with many links to archeological web pages in Poland (inter alia institutes and departments of archeology on Polish universities, archeological museums) and throughout the world.

On web page are listed in divisions links to web page about ancient world, inter alia: bibliographies, archives, periodicals, Egyptology, archeology, mythology, law, religion, databases etc.

Egyptology Resources
First Egyptology web page in internet. Many valuable information and references.