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List of electronic periodicals available in the framework of UoW computer network INFO

Last update: 2018-02-27 14:07:14, titles: 74455

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ISSN Holding numbers Provider Delay
W 0162-9115 2009- ProQuest brak
W - FIVE - CTV Television b.d. 1994- ProQuest brak
W. R. Berkley Corporation SWOT Analysis b.d. 2007- Ebscohost brak
W. R. Grace & Co SWOT Analysis b.d. 2008- Ebscohost brak
W.E.B. Du Bois (9781429803823) b.d. 2017- Ebscohost brak
W.W. Grainger, Inc. SWOT Analysis b.d. 2008- Ebscohost brak
Wabash Cannonball b.d. 2017- Ebscohost brak
Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railway Company v. Illinois b.d. 2017- Ebscohost brak
WABCO Holdings Inc. SWOT Analysis b.d. 2011- Ebscohost brak
Wacana: Journal of the Humanities of Indonesia 1411-2272 2008- DOAJ brak
Wacana: Jurnal Sosial dan Humaniora 2338-1884 2009- DOAJ brak
Wachovia Corporation SWOT Analysis b.d. 2008-2008 Ebscohost brak
Wadabagei : A Journal of the Caribbean and Its Diaspora 2377-6595 2004-2015 ProQuest brak
Wade Research Foundation Reports 1940-0659 2007- Ebscohost brak
Wade-Davis Bill of 1864 b.d. 2017- Ebscohost brak
Wade-Davis Manifesto b.d. 2017- Ebscohost brak
Wading into Wetlands b.d. 2005-2005 Ebscohost brak
Wagamama Case Study: Capitalizing on the Growing Appeal of Japanese Style Casual Dining b.d. 2008-2008 Ebscohost brak
Wage - Hour Compliance Report 1087-8904 2002-2002 ProQuest brak
Wagin Argus & Arthur, Dumbleyung, Lake Grace Express, The 1321-5256 2011-2015 ProQuest brak
Wagner Journal 1755-0173 2012- Ebscohost brak
Wagner-Steagall Act, 1937 b.d. 2017- Ebscohost brak
Wahana Fisika: Jurnal Penelitian Fisika dan Terapannya 2549-1989 2016- DOAJ brak
Waikato Journal of Education 2382-0373 2010- DOAJ brak
Waikato Law Review 1172-9597 2011- Ebscohost brak
Waikato Times b.d. 1996- ProQuest brak
Wainwright Edge, The b.d. 2009-2013 ProQuest brak
Wainwright Review, The b.d. 2009-2009 ProQuest brak
Wainwright Star b.d. 2009-2013 ProQuest brak
Wainwright Star Chronicle b.d. 2009-2009 ProQuest brak
Wainwright Star Edge b.d. 2013- ProQuest 1 Day
Waitrose Case Study: Creating Differentiation in the Marketplace Through Premium & Ethical Retailing b.d. 2007-2007 Ebscohost brak
Wake Forest Law Review 0043-003X 2011- Ebscohost brak
Wakefield Express, The b.d. 2011- ProQuest brak
Wal-Mart & Carrefour Case Study: Exploiting Retail Growth Potential in China b.d. 2007-2007 Ebscohost brak
Wal-Mart de Mexico SWOT Analysis b.d. 2013- Ebscohost brak
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. SWOT Analysis b.d. 2008- Ebscohost brak
Walailak Journal of Science & Technology 1686-3933 2012- Ebscohost brak
Walawalkar International Medical Journal 2395-0684 2014- DOAJ brak
Walcha News, The b.d. 2011- ProQuest brak
Wales on Sunday b.d. 2001- ProQuest brak
Walgreen Co. SWOT Analysis b.d. 2008-2015 Ebscohost brak
Walisongo: Jurnal Penelitian Sosial Keagamaan 2461-064X 2011- DOAJ brak
Walkers Case Study: Generating Growth in a Declining Market b.d. 2007-2007 Ebscohost brak
Walkers Case Study: Winning Brand Share in the Savory Snacks Market b.d. 2004-2004 Ebscohost brak
Walkers Snack Foods SWOT Analysis b.d. 2003-2003 Ebscohost brak
Walkerton Herald Times 0834-7298 2005- ProQuest brak
Wall Street & Technology 1060-989X 1992-2013 ProQuest brak
Wall Street & Technology - Online b.d. 2009-2013 ProQuest brak
Wall Street Journal 0099-9660 1984- ProQuest brak