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Content: database that specialize in maintaining online archive for scientific periodicals and sharing this collections to the largest group of recipients. JSTOR allows scientists to view archive issues of periodicals with illustrations and tables in the form, in which they were originally published.
Chronological range: database contains even periodicals published in 17th and 18th centuries, and with volumes as new as 3 to 5 years old (period of delay of electronic publication is determined by the publisher).
Newest volumes are not available In full-text.

Wroclaw University Library purchased access to seven collections:

- Arts & Sciences I Collection
Thematic scope: history, business and economics, political science sociology, education

- Arts & Sciences II Collection
Thematic scope: business and economics, history, political science

- Arts & Sciences III Collection
Thematic scope: linguistics and literature, architecture, theology, music

- Arts & Sciences V Collection
Thematic scope: history of the United States

- Arts & Sciences VII Collection
Thematic scope: history, economics, business, sociology

- Arts & Sciences VIII Collection
Thematic scope: history, music, literature

- Ireland
Thematic scope: literature and linguistics, history and earth sciences

Database can by searched by:
- simple search (module: Search)
- advanced search (modules Advanced Search or Citation Locator - allows to search database by different criteria (author, article title, journal title, year of publication).
Browse: allows to browse database according to subject, title etc.

Creating MyJSTOR account allows to create virtual “shelf”, on which can be stored selected publications.

Access to database is possible from every workstation in UoW network as well as via proxy server.