E-Books – access without limitations

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E-Books – access without limitations

19th-Century German Stories
19th century German novels in html versions.

ABU : la Bibliothèque Universelle
Texts form French authors as well as links to dictionaries and information sources of various kind.

Links to web pages with books’ texts and own collections. Over 10 thousand of texts in many languages.

Autonomy, Responsibility, and Health Care: Critical Reflections
Full text of book.

Biblioteka Literatury Polskiej w Internecie
Texts and links to web pages with e-books.

Bibliotheca Augustana
Collection of texts of writers, poets and philosophers in original languages (html).

Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec
Quebec National Library – consists of 1500 books’ texts and many newspapers from 19. and 20. centuries, 6.000 historical drawings and photographs, collections of maps, illustrations, records, movies and postcards.

Bibliothèque Virtuelle
Portal of University of Alberta that provides access to French and Canadian classic texts.

Cieszyńska Biblioteka Wirtualna (Cieszyn Virtual Library) (Polish version only)
Created by Cieszyn Repository and basing on its collections, Cieszyn Virtual Library is mostly addressed to person interested in history and culture of Cieszyn Silesia, regardless of their occupation and place of living, and above all others, to historians researching in Cieszyn Silesia region as well as to teachers and cultural animators engaged in regional education and popularization of regional history.

Classics in the History of Psychology
From web page are available historically important texts from psychology (in English) published in books and periodicals.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Web page contains texts of complete works of William Shakespeare in English.

eBook.pl (Polish version only)
Service dedicated to electronic books and other publication in digital form. Web page provides information about new technologies, software and hardware as well as collection of free e-books.

Google Book Search
Book Search service functions similarly to Google search engine. For every book have been created additional pages with vital information about particular book: reviews, references in internet, maps etc.

Portal provides access to 70.000 digital items, 1.200 full texts, 80.000 pictures from French Revolution period, among them many belles-lettres and leaflets publications.

The Humanities Text Initiative
Full texts of many world literature’s treasures, inter alia King Jacob Bible, Luther Bible, Koran, writing of A. Lincoln, Mormon Book, Modern English Collection and many other.

IntraText Digital Library
Circa 5 thousands books in several languages.

Internet Archive: Text Archive
Offers access to several databases (Million Book Project, Children's Library, Project Gutenberg , Arpanet, Open Source Books) with belles-lettres texts.

The Internet Public Library
Collection of over 20.000 titles available online.

Online books from physic
Web page contains links to several digital libraries and books about physic and related topics. Lawrence Lessig - "Free culture"
Book about how large media concerns use technology and law to block culture and control creativity. Full text of book and supplements.

Libreka! der Volltextfinder
Partial access to texts from German books. Usage of more advanced features required registration.

Literature texts in Russian
Texts of Russian literature and Russian translations of foreign publications.

The Oscar Wilde Collection
Electronic versions of Oscar Wilde writings.

Online Biology Book
Full text of book on biology basis written by M. J. Farabee with glossary.

The Online Books Page
List of over 30 thousands of books accessible in internet.

Planet eBook
Portal about PDF format that also provides access to large collection of books in this format.

Polska Biblioteka Internetowa (Polish Internet Library) (Polish version only)
Collection of several hundreds of online titles.

Project Mead
Collection of several dozens of books (published around 1900) of such sociology classic as George Mead, James Mark Baldwin, William James, Charles Holton Cooley, Florian Znaniecki.

Project Gutenberg
Circa 100 thousands of full texts of books.

Skarby Archiwów Polskich (Treasures of Polish Archives) (Polish version only)
On web page dedicated to comprehensively presentation of Poland (English version is available) has been created division consisting of Polish archives treasures, among which are old objects, like impression of king Wladyslaw Jagiello stamp and relatively new ones, but almost never viewed, like Constitution of May 3, prince Jozef Poniatowski testament, proclamation of Polish Kingdom Sejm on dethroning Russian emperor Nicolay I from Polish throne (1831) or project of People's Republic of Poland constitution in Russian with handwritten Stalin’s corrections.

Skarby Literatury Polskiej (Treasures of Polish Literature) (Polish version only)
On web page dedicated to comprehensively presentation of Poland (English version is available) has been created division consisting of Polish most valuable publications that were free from copyright laws on 1st September 1999.

Veröffentlichungen des Leibniz-Archivs
I, III and VII series of oeuvre' editions and letters of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. All documents in PDF format.

WolneLektury.pl (Polish version only)
Virtual library that provides access to school lectures free from copyright laws. Every publication has additional descriptions and comments and is available in several formats (html, odt, txt i PDF).


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